Skivo2 Elite Performance Coaching
Courchevel & Les Trois Vallees
Elite Performance Coaching Programme

During the winter we also offer our skivo2 elite performance coaching programme which is 4 hours of coaching per day over 5 days.

I guess the first questions you may ask are:

  • Is this ski programme only aimed at top notch skiers?
  • What differentiates these courses from our standard 2 hour ski lessons?

To answer these questions is simple – our skivo2 elite courses are aimed at all skiers from a reasonable intermediate standard who really want to focus on improving their skiing.  As a guide these courses are suitable for Level 5 skiers upwards (click here to see our skivo2 Ski Levels).   Obviously we coach high level skiers too but it is important to emphasise we really want to encourage intermediate skiers who are passionate about becoming better skiers to join us on the skivo2 elite courses too.  We will run different courses to suit the different levels of skiers.

Another main difference on these courses is that we now all work with video and iPad feedback (something we don’t provide on our 2 hour standard ski lessons). This means we can video your skiing in the morning then use the iPad for playback either over a coffee or lunch. This works well and makes a real difference.

It isn’t simply an additional 2 hours per day of lessons.   By spending 4 hours each day with the group the ski instructor:

  • really gets to know your strengths and weaknesses much more in depth
  • has longer with you to develop your performance
  • has lunch with you and plays back video via an iPad giving feedback which allows you to quickly see how your skiing is developing and enabling you to work on making the necessary changes immediately
  • listens to your goals and will work out the most effective way for you to achieve them.

The courses are all about getting to know the skier, working on specific goals (which might be carving better, coping better on ice, skiing steep terrain).

We have expanded our Ski Level chart and made it more specific.  Many of our guests really want to work on and improve their skiing each year but sometimes with only 10 hours of ski tuition a season this can be a real challenge to achieve this.   The expanded ski levels make it easier to identify your current level of skiing and hopefully will really give you a focus to start to work your way up the ski level chart.  Our skivo2 elite courses put you in the best position to start achieving this and you will get a real sense of success and excitement when you start to feel and see the change in your skiing.

Please note that a minimum of 5 people are required to be booked on to each course for it to run.  If we have to cancel the course you will be notified of this no later than 48 hours in advance.  If possible we will offer you an alternative lesson plan (with our standard 2 hour class being offered as a minimum).  For guests staying in skivo2 chalets, if the standard 2 hours class is offered and taken then, in this instance, a full refund of the course cost would be made.  For non skivo2 guests, if the standard 2 hours class is offered and taken then the course fee less the standard 2 hours class fee of £150 would be refunded.