Courchevel & Les 3 Vallées
Snowboarding Instructions

Snowboard tuition is not included in your holiday cost and we are happy to recommend local companies.

Boarding in Courchevel

The area ranks only slightly behind Val d’Isère or Chamonix as a boarder’s best for intermediates and higher skilled riders who are interested in cruising and in diving down extreme couloirs on off piste days. The big roller which runs under the Courchevel Gondola and up to Saulire offers wonderful gliding, as do Verdons, Saulire and Col de la Loze. Les Suisses suits experts who might, on a good day, board the three Ugly Sisters, and the boulevards under the gondola let boarders boogie all the way down to Le Praz. Often overlooked is the spectacular boarding potential in the trees towards the Altiport.

On the eastern side of the valley lie some spectacular powder below Roc Meriet leads to le Pyramide and via Le Indiens piste, all the way to 1650. The slopes down to Les Creux can leave boarders ‘holed out’ however the lift up to La Vizelle allows boarders to connect to the boulevards with the choice of arriving in either 1550 or Le Praz.

Those preferring snow parks find Parc Plantrey’s baby and half-pipes, tables, hips and much else of interest, but there’s more fun to be had up on the edges of Verdons on the Zones Thermatiques du Biolley des Verdons. Some lovely off-piste lurks just off the runs towards La Tania and with caution and a partner, this can be managed by skilled riders willing to take the risk.