Ski Tech Services
Skivo2 - Ski Tech Services Courchevel & Les Trois Vallees
Ski servicing & technician services

There are two main factors that influence ski performance:

  • Edges – Good sharp edges provide grip affecting the turning response and feel of the skis.
  • Base – Flat waxed bases glide across the snow more effectively and ease turning.

Our technician is Salomon qualified and his sole job is to maintain and service the skis ensuring that each week they are given to guests in pristine condition, freshly waxed and with sharpened edges.

Personal ski servicing

An edge, waxing and de-burring service for guests’ own skis, and for other hire equipment related questions is available at Nicola ski room. Our technician is available between 8-9am and 5-6pm.

Wax to the max – €7.50
A service only really suitable for those with previously tuned skis, but requiring a renewed layer of wax
Base and wax – €15
A service suitable for those that feel their edges are sharp enough. Minor base repairs and wax of both skis
Luxury – €25
A service suitable for many skiers, edge de-burring and sharpening, minor base repair and wax of both skis
Expert – €30

A service suitable for skiers that want their skis like new again. Edge de-burring and sharpening, base grind and wax of both skis

This service can be organised and paid for in resort in euros.